03.11.10 Social Media – Jump In

If you are late to the game, don’t worry, just jump in. This is one medium that you can experiment with without blowing a huge chunk of your marketing budget. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not without pitfalls and the success of any Social Media campaign depends on skillful and creative execution. However, it doesn’t take months to plan, it’s easy to modify strategies to suit your brands’ needs and the business climate and the best of all – it’s measurable with a huge degree of instant gratification.

The success of Social Media depends on whether your brand is or can be, well, social. What does that mean? Can you build a flowing of influencers? Do you have people within your organization who can be dedicated to daily input? Can you create programs and contests on the turn of a dime? Can you engage your audience?

As Social Media is a must for any brand, getting the answers to those questions should be your top priority. Test the waters a little, then jump right in – sink or swim it’s something you have to do to keep your brand afloat!