The agency has been built on sound strategies that move our clients’ businesses. Ahead of the curve and in front of the trends. ADinfinitum is a creative think tank initiating integrated campaigns that influence today’s diverse consumer and business universe.

Established in 1992, ADinfinitum was one of the first agencies to recognize the growing niche of natural health in the US. Since its inception, the agency has been delivering big ideas for companies small and large. As “natural” has become more mainstream so has ADinfinitum, launching new brands and re-branding established ones to a wider global audience.

Always true to our origins of promoting healthy lifestyles, we have expanded our natural horizons to all things that build and sustain a healthy planet.

The agency’s expertise in delivering successful branding campaigns for natural healthcare/lifestyle products and services on an international, national, regional and local level include the following categories:


• Arthritis
• Antioxidants
• Anti-Aging/Longevity
• Bone density  >> Case Study
• Breast health
• Beverage
• Branded raw materials >> Case Study
• CAM (Complimentary and Alternative Medicine)
• Children’s Vitamins >> Case Study
• Chinese herbal medicine  >> Case Study
• Daily vitamin supplementation
• Dental health  >> Case Study
• Digestive health >> Case Study
• Functional Foods
• Healthy, organic, and whole foods
• Hair Loss
• Heart Health
• Herbal extracts
• Homeopathy
• Immune support
• Menopause
• Memory
• Nutrition
• Personal Care
• Probiotics  >> Case Study
• Respiratory health
• Sexual health
• Skincare
• Specialty supplements
• Topical Pain Relief
• Women’s health
• Weight loss  >> Case Study

• Ancient Grains  >> Case Study
• Baked Goods
• Chocolate  >> Case Study
• Flax  >> Case Study
• Frozen Desserts
• Gourmet Cooking Oils
• Pasta Sauces  >> Case Study
• Stabilized Rice Bran  >> Case Study
• Snack foods  >> Case Study
• Soy-based food products
• Superfruits  >> Case Study
• Tea
• Water


• School Children For Children
• Spirit of Women
• PCRM (Physicians for Responsible Medicine)
• AHHF (Alliance for Healthy Hospital Food)
• Healing Quest (PBS Health Series)
• Executive Moms
• Happy Hearts Fund
• Feed The Children


• Duke and the Doctor –
Duke Liberatore & Dr. Jan McBarron  >> Case Study
• Barabra and Shannon Hoffman – Health Talk
• The Nutrition Twins
• Dr. Joseph DeStefano
• Dr, Aaron Tabor
• Dr. Harold Bloomfield
• Dr. Richard Collins
• Dr. Michael Murray
• Dr. Steven Lamm
• Dr. Roberta Lee
• Dr. Natalie Geary
• Dr. Asma Sadiq
• Dr. Jason Theodosakis
• Greta Blackburn (Fitness Guru)
• Petra Nemkova  >> Case Study
(Supermodel/Founder of Happy Hearts Fund)
• Pamela Sue Martin (Actress)