Global supplier of KAMUT® brand Khorasan Wheat


A healthy and delicious alternative to traditional wheat and brown rice, KAMUT® brand Khorasan Wheat can be used as an ingredient for nutritious recipes or found in many prepared food and snack brands.


We are leveraging the interest in whole grains for health benefits, as well as consumer acceptance of KAMUT® as a highly nutritious and great tasting grain.

We are positioning company Founder, Bob Quinn, as a “Farming Futurist” to speak to trends in organic food as well as sustainable farming. Creating media interest for KAMUT® recipes for professionals chefs and consumers is a key component of the campaign.

We began the PR initiative with online media, to provide quick results while simultaneously working on longer-lead media to garner placements in traditional print and broadcast outlets. By tapping into blog- gers and online media sites, we have been able to create a significant buzz for KAMUT®.

A key component of the KAMUT® PR campaign is to introduce the brand to influencers—including registered dieticians and a variety of celebrity chefs, such as Mario Batali. Education is  also an important part of the campaign. We have teamed up with Cricket Azima of The Creative Kitchen and Whole Foods for Kids Cooking Camps in New York City as well as media cooking events.

Recently we organized for KAMUT® to participate in a Health & Nutrition Editor’s Showcase in NY to initiate relationships and conversations with relevant editors, producers and bloggers, which lead to place- ments and on-going conversations with influential media outlets.

The agency also directed filming of the harvesting of KAMUT® in Montana last year to provide video content for PR initiatives, including social media outlets, such as YouTube.

For the 25 year celebrations at Expo West in March 2011 we created a contest and cake cutting that mirrored Bob Quinn’s trademark cowboy hat.

{ RESULTS (Campaign in Progress)}

PR coverage to date in broadcast, online, and print media includes:

KABC-LA, The Wall Street Journal, Nutritional Living TV, The Nibble, Relish Magazine, Cooking Light, BaKing & Snack, Eat, Drink and Be Hopeful Blog and a variety of cooking/baking blogs .

Through online placement and social media an impressive buzz has been initiated about KAMUT®. The buzz is gaining an even stronger foothold via traditional PR placements. Hits range from recipes including KAMUT®, to information about the grain, as well as business pieces on the company and Founder Bob Quinn.

The multi-platform communications campaign which was launched January 2010 resulted in a 40% increase in global sales that year.