03.11.10 Crying For The Kerning

Is there anyone else out there who looks back nostalgically to the “good old days” of typography? If so, just tell me, what happened to kerning? Where is that delicate balance of letter spacing almost undetectable to the eye, but nevertheless the difference between a good layout and a great one. The placing of type and individual letters used to be an art form in itself. I know I sound like a dinosaur and we all know what happened to them, but a beautifully laid out piece of type can bring a tear to the eye.

In today’s world of instant messaging, with grammar and punctuation all but forgotten, kerning is about as relevant as a semi colon. All the time we rely on a computer with a design program to make a decision about the spacing of a piece of type, then kerning will be lost forever. Now that’s something to cry over!