Someone recently posted a blog asking the question:
“Does Anyone Want Normal Websites?”

It would seem that the market has changed significantly over the past two years. Hardly anyone is developing static HTML/CSS based websites anymore. WordPress and CoreCommerce have become the norm and even that is shifting.

So, what has changed?

Two things – clients and technology. Clients are becoming more and more informed about web design and development. No longer content to be passive bystanders, they want to participate in the process. They understand that Internet Explorer is obsolete and that this should not hold back their website. They know that we now have 26” monitors, iPads, iPhones, and Androids to make sites work and, along with these devices comes variety.

A simple five page brochure site is not enough anymore. It needs to be mobile friendly, progressively enhanced, semantic and accessible.

As the web world continues to shift, change and evolve, so does every aspect of marketing. Make sure your agency is on top of the changes and ahead of the curve; it’s the only way your brand will stay in front of the competition.