The surprise big box office opening weekend for the movie “Inception” illustrates the point that there is still room for a well executed, fresh and original idea.

Marketing, like movies, is often plagued with copycat content, fad techniques, and mediocre concepts. The advent of the advancement of computer programs and social media has not only led to a lack of creative thinking—it can lead to very little thinking. The immediacy of today’s media environment creates very reactive situations. There is nothing wrong with the viral world–putting something out there and seeing where it will go can create a “buzz,” but there is a lot to be said for the thought process that can deliver the “big idea.”

The basis of any successful campaign is the idea. Defining the word “idea” would open up a whole philosophical dissertation. Suffice it to say, an idea or concept (some people believe these are interchangeable) that makes you stop, makes you think, makes you take action, is an idea worth investing marketing dollars in. Which is exactly what Warner Brothers and Legendary Pictures did with their $160 million film partnership.